Draft 1 - 14th April 2009

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The Pirate Media Player is a desktop utility similar to the original Napster program.

Streaming or downloading.

It can play any media file - audio or video - by the user simply entering the url of a file location. Media files can be streamed to the player and also downloaded for offline entertainment.

Peer-to-Peer File Sharing

Playlists stored in the player's library can be exchanged between users on a peer-to-peer basis by entering the username of a user. A direct peer-to-peer connection is then established between the relevant users of a library who are linked together in a virtual private network.  A user can block or allow other users access to their library, or specific playlists. The central server only keeps a list of usernames - not files - so it cannot act as a search tool for files. The list of usernames is encrypted in the database and cannot be matched to any specific IP address of a player. A username cannot be removed from the database because the encrypted records of the usernames cannot be used to 'query' a username.

Can be published as a Flash player to any website!

The publish button will generate the HTML code including playlists of urls for insertion on any web page. This will convert the desktop player into a flash player. Desktop players can be downloaded via the flash player, when the user is taken to the download page.

Free and Paid for Versions

The free player may carry banner advertising, whereas the paid version can carry the user's custom banners and therefore serve as an advertising medium. Other distinctions will need to be carefully considered, such as the number of urls and playlists allowed.

Like many devices on the market including browsers, DVD players, and even computers, the Pirate Player can either be used legitimately or not, depending on what urls of media files the user enters into the player.

A Useful Tool for Entertainment Companies.

Entertainment companies can promote their links to users enabling them  to purchase an encrypted link for streaming or downloading purposes. Copyright restrictions at varying levels can be enforced on the server , ie number of times a file is streamable or downloadable, expiry date of the link (if any), number of IP addresses to which the file can be streamed or downloaded.

When a copyright has expired or is not from a known source, a Pirate and Cross Bones icon will appear signifying that a track may be from an unlicensed source (or that the copyright has expired and the copyright fee needs to be renewed).  When the icon is clicked, it will take the user to a page from where the URL to the official track title can be sourced. When a track is purchased from an official source (encrypted urls to 'official files' will be hosted on the server) a custom or "Copyright Paid" icon will replace the Pirate and Crossbones icon.

It will therefore be evident by looking at the "status" column whether a url is official or possibly unlicensed. The internet enables copyright owners to "track" the location of their material on the internet, and to see who is promoting players containing unlicensed material.

Users can be contacted via email by clicking on the usename (ie 'operator' name) shown on the player. This will take the enquirer to a web page via which a message can be sent. Privacy considerations however will need to be observed if this function is to be included in the player.

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