Bellfield with short gingery-blonde hair style

Levi Bellfield taken in 2001 at 33yrs old, show a bleached colouring of hair and eyebrows. His true hair colour is dark. Note his build and height at 6' 1." Josie Russell stated that the murderer was "tall, like my father". Josie Russell next to her father

Bellfield with "blonde" bleached hair look.
Bellfield on holiday.

 E-fit of main suspect in the Chillenden Murders case  Levi Bellfield with presumably his naturally darker hair colour.

The witness who helped compile the E-fit described the main suspect as having "short blonde hair with a fringe".
Bellfield was generally clean-shaven but he would otherwise adopt a short fringe hair style. Old habits die hard.

At around 4.30 pm at the time of the murder, Isobel Cole saw "a clean-shaven man of medium build wearing a dark blue baseball cap and carrying a hammer." Bellfield was not averse to wearing baseball caps.

Levi Bellfield   Levi Bellfield wearing a baseball cap.  Levi Bellfield on holiday.      
Bellfield with cap: The sun-tanned 'blonde' look in earlier years.                         

Pauline Wilkinson saw two men near the murder scene. "One had short blond hair 'like Robert Redford', and the other had darker hair and was carrying a clipboard." 

Robert Redford blonde look
Redford 'look'

bellfield-with-clipboard.jpg (40373 bytes)
Bellfield with colleague carrying a clipboard.
Was Bellfield acting as a car clamper in 1996?

The murderer got out of his car before launching his murderous assault on Lin, Megan and Josie Russell, which is exactly how Bellfield committed his other crimes. He also had a propensity towards accosting schoolgirls

Bellfield's victims were all struck with a hammer from behind, and the most serious injuries invariably appeared on the left side of the head, like those seen in the Chilldenden Murders.  See Autopsy   

Bellfield was left-handed.

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